Magic apps for magicians - LockScene


Lock Screen Wallpaper Prediction. Simple and clean looking.

The Effect:

Your phone is laying on the table in sleep mode with the Always On Display (AOD) showing.

You tell your spectator that you have a playing card set as your lockscreen wallpaper and that you are going to make them choose the same card.

Ask your spectator to name any card – a free choice. You then simply double tap your screen to wake up the display and your lockscreen wallpaper clearly shows the same card they named. You unlock your phone to go to your homescreen to prove it’s all real. You can even relock and unlock again as further proof. That’s it! Simple and direct.

Points to Note:
Any card can be named. No force.
No internet required.
Self contained.
Can use a marked deck to gain identify of card.
Very simple to do.
Doesn’t matter if your phone does not have AOD as your spectator is not to know that.
Languages supported are: EN – IT – ES – DE – SV – NL – FR – PT (BZ)